71 Kinds of Food and Non-Food Products

Continuous Product Request

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Food and Non-Food 71 Kinds of Products – Continuous supply of products must be delivered to Dubai by CNF / CIF. The company, manufacturer and broker who can supply these products (individually or all), please contact us.

Products that are and are not on this list are in constant demand. Those who want to buy or sell such products and product groups or those who want to provide brokerage services, please contact us.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Commodity Packing Size & Type Quantity RequiredUnit
Grapes 5 KG Carton 125MT
Pomegranates 3.5 KG Carton 110MT
Semi Husked Coconuts25 pieces per 13 KG PP Bag 120MT
Avocado4 KG Carton 120MT
Cavendish Banana13 KG Carton 110MT
Apples100 pieces per carton 128MT
King Coconut 6 nuts per Carton 90MT
Dates 10 KG Carton100MT
Watermelon Mixed Packing 110MT
Pineapple 10 KG Carton 115MT
Carrot 5 KG Carton 85MT
Red Onion 18/50 KG Jute or Mesh Bag 330MT
Drumsticks 5 KG Carton15MT
Green Chili 4 KG Carton90MT
Green Lemon 7 KG Carton90MT
Potatoes 5/10 KG Bag150MT
Tomato 7 KG Carton100MT
Elephant Foot Yam (Suran)13 KG Gunny Bag110MT

Rice & Oil Products

Commodity Packing Size & Type Quantity RequiredUnit
1121 Sella (White & Golden) 10×4 Woven bags per 40 KG PP Bag 125MT
Jasmine Rice 25 KG PP Bag 175MT
Sona Masoori Rice 18 KG PP bag 200MT
IR64 Rice 25 KG PP Bag 250MT
Olive Oil 12 Bottles of 1 Liter per Carton 150MT
Sunflower Oil 5 Liter Plastic Bottle 145MT
Corn Oil 5 Liter Bottle or Can 134MT
Palm Oil 18 Liter Can 150MT
Coconut Oil 5 Liter Can 125MT

Frozen ltems

Commodity Packing Size & Type Quantity RequiredUnit
Frozen Veal (Beef) 18 KG Carton 110MT
Frozen Mutton 25 KG Carton 124MT
Frozen Chicken 10 KG Carton 120MT

Dry Foodstuff ltems 

Commodity Packing Size & Type Quantity RequiredUnit
Milk Tea Granules 25 KG PP / Jute Bag 125MT
Maize Seeds 25 KG PP Bag 150MT
Chickpeas 25 KG PP Bag 144MT
Dry Red Chili 25 KG PP Bag 122MT
Sunflower Seeds 25 KG PP Bag 110MT
Black Pepper 25 KG PP Bag 145MT
Dry Lemon 25 KG PP Bag 90MT
Peanuts 25 KG PP Bag 120MT
Hazelnuts 25 KG PP Bag 80MT
Walnut Kernel 25 KG PP Bag 100MT
Pistachio 25 KG PP Bag/Carton100MT
Almonds 25 KG PP Bag/Carton129MT
Pumpkin Seeds 25 KG PP Bag 140MT
Sesame Seeds 25 KG PP Bag 190MT
Dry Figs 10 KG PP Bag 110MT
Kidney Beans 25 KG PP Bag 140MT
Raisins 10 KG PP Bag 100MT
Wheat Flour 50 KG PP Bag 150MT
Maida Flour 50 KG PP Bag 145MT
Humus (Chickpeas) Flour25 KG PP Bag 90MT
Saffron1 KG Carton150KG
Dry Apricots 10 KG Carton100MT
Coffee Beans25 KG Jute Bag 140MT
Edible Copra 25 KG PP Bag120MT
Cumin Seeds 25 KG PP Bag120MT
Cardamom 25 KG PP Bag40MT
Lentils 25 KG PP Bag150MT
Turmeric Fingers25 KG PP Bag130MT
Tamarind 25 KG PP Bag135MT
Fennel Seeds 25 KG PP Bag100MT
Millet Seeds 25 KG PP Bag150MT
Cashew Nuts 25 KG PP Bag145MT
Coriander Seeds 25 KG PP Bag140MT
Cloves and Cinnamon Sticks10 KG Carton20MT
Jaggery 10 KG Carton145MT
Soya Beans 25 KG PP Bag120MT
Honey 30 Liter Can36MT
Ajwain Seeds 25 KG PP Bag60MT
Nigella Seeds 25 KG PP Bag90MT
Sugar 25 KG PP Bag200MT

Non-Foodstuff ltems

Commodity Packing Size & Type Quantity RequiredUnit
Charcoal20 KG PP Bag 220MT