Battery Request - 2 Different Battery Requests

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To begin with, there are 2 different types of battery requests. Battery Request – Information about 2 Different Battery Requests is below.

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Pil Türü: Lifepo4

Hayat Döngüsü: min 2000

Malzeme: LiFePO4 / Grafit

Nominal Gerilim: 3,2 / 3,7 Volt

Nominal kapasite: 20Ah

Standart deşarj akımı:20A

Hayat döngüsü > 2000 döngü

Battery Type: Lifepo4

Life Cycle: min 2000

Material: LiFePO4 / Graphite

Nominal Voltage: 3.2 / 3.7 Volts

Nominal capacity: 20Ah

Standard discharge current: 20A

Life cycle> 2000 cycles


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Genel Özellikler

Marka : Samsung/Lg

Model adı : 18650

Şarj edilebilir : Evet

Maksimum Kapasite (mAh): 3000 mAh

Minimum Kapasite (mAh) :2900 mAh

Maksimum Şarj Gerilimi (V) : 4.2V

Son voltaj (Kesilmiş) : 2,75V

Nominal Gerilim (V)  : 3.6V

Maks. Alan sayısı Deşarj akımı : 15A/20A

Boyut :18 * 65 mm

General features

Brand: Samsung / Lg

Model name: 18650

Rechargeable: Yes

Maximum Capacity (mAh): 3000 mAh

Minimum Capacity (mAh): 2900 mAh

Maximum Charge Voltage (V): 4.2V

End voltage (Cut): 2.75V

Nominal Voltage (V): 3.6V

Max. Number of fields Discharge current: 15A / 20A

Size: 18 * 65mm