Chicken Flour, Chicken Oil, Feather Flour, Bone Flour (Chicken and Large Head)

Chicken Flour Chicken Oil Feather Flour Bone Flour tavuk unu tavuk yagi kemik unu tuy unu 7

3.000 tons of products are continuously requested from each product (Chicken Flour, Chicken Fat, Feather Flour, Bone Flour (Chicken and Big Head) each month.

Products that are and are not on this list are in constant demand. Those who want to buy, sell or provide brokerage services for these products or product groups, please contact us.

The following products are needed. Each product will be supplied continuously. Based on the information below, we request production capacity, certificate, lead time and FOB delivery price information. Products can be delivered from the factory.

  • Chicken Flour (average 3.000 tons / month)
  • Chicken fat (average 3.000 tons / month)
  • Feather flour (average 3,000 tons / month)
  • Bone meal (Chicken and large head) (average 3.000 tons / month)