Frozen Chicken (20 Containers Per Month 12 Months Contracted)

World Global Trade Frozen Chicken Donmus Tavuk 4

Turkey, Brazil, Canada or European origin Halal Certified Frozen Chicken (20 containers per month for 12 months contract) is required.

Products that are and are not on this list are in constant demand. Those who want to buy, sell or provide brokerage services for these products or product groups, please contact us.


Frozen Chicken with the following specifications :

  • Weight : 800 up to 1300 gr Halal Good
  • Packaging Written in English and Arabic including

Product Brand and Name, Origin, Weight, and Halal Stamp

  • COMMODITY : Frozen Chicken with (800 up to 1300 gr)
  • ORIGIN : Turkey, Brazil, Canada, Malaysia or Europe.
  • MONTHLY QUANTITY : 16 to 20 containers.
  • CONTRACT DURATION : 12 months.
  • DELIVERY TERMS : CIF/Salalah Port- Oman, Doha Port- Kuwait, Mukalla PortYemen.
  • INSPECTION : SGS or equivalent at Loading Port at Seller’s expense, and at Unloading/Delivery Port at Buyer’s Expense.
  • SHIPPING PACKAGING : Cartoon of 10 Pcs in
  • REFRIGERATED containers 20 feets.
  • CERTIFICATES : Phytosanitary, Halal, Quality Control and any necessary certificates.
  • TERM OF PAYMENT : Bank to Bank transaction 100% Letter of Credit Irrevocable and Confirmed at Sight Against original documents in Loading Port.
  • FACTORY VIDEO : We need to receive a Video Showing the Halal Slaughter Method.