World Global Trade Ajans ve Dijital Medya Hizmeti

About the MCS GRUP Working System

MCS GRUP carries you to your goal with its services, solutions and business partnerships with expert professional teams. We carry out regional and international trade with our expert teams and consultants. If you want to sell your products and services or if you want to buy products and services, you are in the right place.

Our company produces commercial solutions within the framework of international law. All legal processes and operational processes necessary for the realization of a trade are kept under control by us. Every stage of the processes is followed step by step with our expert teams and business partners. In order to fulfill a purchase or sale request for a product, service or trade, the following conditions must be met.

PRODUCT = PRODUCT, Service, Investment, Partnership, Franchise, Consultancy etc. common name for

REQUEST LETTER = All content, Purchasing, Sales, Production, Trade Form and technical conditions etc. of the requested PRODUCT written on the letterhead of the requesting company. document with information.

All requests (buying or selling) must be written on the company’s letterhead in writing and with all its details. The general information that should be included as an example for this information is listed below.

  1. REQUEST LETTER belongs to the company requesting the PRODUCT
  2. All technical and physical information of the PRODUCT (such as PRODUCT content, duration, origin, weight, amount, packaging type, certificates, all technical information, logistics information, etc.)
  3. All official, general and specific certificates etc. required for the PRODUCT information
  4. PRODUCT Delivery Place (factory, customs, abroad, etc.)
  5. PRODUCT payment method (Bank, down payment, Cash, Guarantee etc.)
  6. PRODUCT Trade Form and Duration (One-time or contracted annual, etc.)
  7. Information on being a BUYER, SELLER, or INTERMEDIATE in PRODUCT trade
  8. Information about the PRODUCT logistics status
  9. Documentation of Possession of Buying/Selling Power, if requested
  10. If requested, a document proving that you have the Authorization to Buy / Sell the Product
  11. Sending this information and documents to the e-mail address on our website

All necessary information and other documents for the PRODUCT specified in the REQUEST LETTER will be checked after receipt. If the relevant documents are sufficient, the study details will be returned in writing.

If the information briefly mentioned above is written on the company’s letterhead with all the details, it will be processed. A verbal or non-detailed purchase or sale request will not be considered.

Official documents will be requested first from companies that want to buy or sell products or services. If the required documents are not supplied, they will not be processed. The first condition to follow the processes with completely official documents and official contracts is to determine the real buyers and sellers. No action will be taken in cases where the relevant documents are not available or delivered. This is a very important element in determining the real buyers and sellers, which is the most important problem today.

MCS GRUP will initiate the processes after checking the official documents on the BUY and SALE parties of the products or services and based on the conclusion of the contract. MCS GRUP controls and reports all processes of commercial transactions in products or services from a single source.

Note: There are some products and services on our website. MCS GRUP offers solutions independently of the sector with its business partnership and structuring in many countries of the world. Please contact us for the products, services and solutions offered. At the same time, you can contact us for products and services that are not available on our site or that you want to be added.