Wheat Grain For Human Cosumption

Continuous Product Request

World global trade Wheat grain for human cosumption Bugday 2

For Human Consumption, there is a monthly demand of 250 thousand tons and above Wheat for human consumption. This product is in constant demand. The company, manufacturer and broker who can supply these products (individually or all), please contact us.

Products that are and are not on this list are in constant demand. Those who want to buy or sell such products and product groups or those who want to provide brokerage services, please contact us.

Product: Wheat grain for human cosumption

·         Total Quantity: 250.000MT

·         Delivery: in 12 consecutives months

·         Destination: Port of Sudan

·         Packaging: Bulk

·         Inspection: SGS

·         Payment: LC Transferable, divisible and irrevocable

·         Performance Bond: 2%

·         Insurance: 110%



·         Moisture Content: 14.5 pct maximum

·         Gravity: WT 75-76 kg (Min)

·         Protein: (NX 5.7° 12-13% PCT (Min)

·         Fall number: 250 per second (Min)

·         Wet gluten: 27 pct (Min)

·         20-25ML Fatty Acids per 100 Grams

·         OMG None Radiation: None